Tuesday, 25 September 2018
We are pleased to announce a wonderful new benefit of your TQCSI certification which your organisation receives at no extra cost! TQCSI and JAS-ANZ have created a working alliance with QualityTrade which will significantly enhance the service currently provided by TQCSI Trading

About TQCSI Trading

TQCSI Trading is a service that has always been provided to certified clients to showcase their products and services to buyers throughout the world. This has always been free of charge and clients/buyers can access information through www.tqcsitrading.com.

About QualityTrade

Quality Trade is an online B2B trading portal with verification and ranking processes for identifying, promoting and facilitating trade of accredited certified suppliers. It is an Australian venture between a small group of technologists and investors. QualityTrade can be viewed at https://www.qualitytrade.com/ and a review of the initiative by the Australian Financial Review is here. More recently the platform has attracted interest from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade as well as Austrade for its potential to accelerate trade flows.

Existing B2B trading portals predominantly recruit and rank companies based on the membership fees they are willing to pay. This enables poor quality and fraudulent companies the chance to secure membership resulting in poor trade, dissatisfied customers and reputational issues.

Unlike all other trading portals, the fundamental operating criteria for QualityTrade is that organisations listed on the portal will be qualified against accepted and objective criteria.


How QualityTrade works

QualityTrade is the first and only ‘merit based’ B2B platform throughout the world, meaning all suppliers are ranked by how good they are, not by how much they pay to be ranked at the top of search results.

The QualityTrade system is based on an algorithm that ranks businesses based on their ability to demonstrate meaningful credentials to other businesses such as management system and product certification, assessment of their certification body (CB) by the accrediting body (ie TQCSI by JAS-ANZ) and validating customer references.

The underlying idea is that the higher the quality, the greater the sales exposure given through QualityTrade. Those suppliers with certification from credible CBs will generate more exposure than those who don’t hold certification. QualityTrade encourages continual improvement and rewards those businesses that can demonstrate they do the right thing by their customers, employees and their environment through exposure and sales.

QualityTrade offers an interesting and valuable prospect for promoting and enhancing value from accredited certification. We know from the use of the JAS-ANZ and TQCSI Registers that they are regularly consulted by procurement organisations. QualityTrade offers a significant new channel for wider business interests to identify TQCSI certified organisations as offering more reliable and lower risk products and services than other business portals.


QualityTrade and TQCSI

QualityTrade has agreed to promote organisations certified by TQCSI, which will assist in generating trade for those organisations accordingly.

TQCSI has now established a direct feed from the JAS-ANZ Register and TQCSI’s database to QualityTrade thereby enabling QualityTrade to be prepopulated with data that was previously available in TQCSI Trading.


Transition from TQCSI Trading to Quality Trade

Given that TQCSI has provided the same service through TQCSI Trading for many years, the transition of relevant data to QualtyTrade has been a simple task, which is why JAS-ANZ selected TQCSI as the first CB to populate QualityTrade. Only data that is currently available through TQCSI Trading will be made available to QualityTrade (ie your products and services that are listed in your Client Details Report). TQCSI clients will be ranked even higher than other JAS-ANZ accredited CBs because our auditing process requires your products and services listed in the Client Details Report (which feeds into QualityTrade) to be verified each audit.

However, your organisation can add additional information to your profile in QualityTrade at any time in a similar manner as could be done through TQCSI Trading. Quality Trade can also assist you create your profile.

In keeping with the voluntary basis of the arrangement, your organisation can opt out of QualityTrade at any time by emailing info@tqcsi.com. However, we will assume you wish your products/services to be advertised through TQCSI Trading and QualityTrade unless advised otherwise.



All fees for joining and belonging to QualityTrade have been waived for TQCSI clients.


TQCSI Trading

TQCSI Trading will not replicate QualityTrading, rather TQCSI Trading will simply be a link from the TQCSI website direct to QualityTrade.

We trust this new initiative adds value to your certification through TQCSI.


Craig J Bates
President, TQCSI